The Church is not primarily a place. It’s a people joined together by the gospel that live life together, encourage one another to be more like Christ, and who are on mission to serve and love the city. At The Hill Church, we believe this is best fleshed out in community. It’s the heart of our church.

Gospel Communities

Gospel Communities are at the heart of the mission and vision of The Hill Church.  It is the primary way that we make disciples and pursue to renew and redeem our city.  Gospel Community Groups are smaller communities within the church that meet regularly for fellowship, the study of Scripture, accountability, care of each others needs, prayer, and to live on mission by serving and loving unbelievers.  Simply put, the goal of Gospel Communities is to enjoy and extend the gospel of Jesus of Christ as a community. We do this at The Hill Church by…. 

1) Gathering: The Sunday gathering is important but the early church did not just meet on Sundays.  They continually gathered throughout the week to share meals, study Scripture and to sync the rhythms of their lives with one another.  Gospel transformation does not occur in isolation, but through living out the gospel with one another.  As Timothy Lane and Paul Tripp put it, "Change is a community project" (How People Change pg. 73-90).

2) Growing: A Gospel Community intentionally centers its gathering and meeting on the gospel, coming together to talk about how the reality of the gospel works itself out in their lives and in their city.  When the gospel takes root in a believer’s heart, the gospel begins to shape and mold the believer into the image of Christ.  Gospel Community provides an environment to confess and repent of our idols, and encourage one another to love our city.

3) Going:  While the gospel is a message, it also has implications and demonstrations that accompany that message.  Therefore, at The Hill Church our groups are missional, seeing themselves as ambassadors of the gospel to their neighbors, communities, and city.  Gospel Community Groups display the beauty of the gospel through their word, service, and city renewal.

If you would like to be connected with a Gospel Community Group please follow this link to provide us with some information about yourself, and Donovan Golden, head of our Gospel Community Groups will be in contact with you. 

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