The Church is not primarily a place. It’s a people joined together by the gospel that live life together, encourage one another to be more like Christ, and who are on mission to serve and love the city. At The Hill Church, we believe this is best fleshed out in community. It’s the heart of our church.

Local Outreach

Little Free Pantry

We placed a Little Free Pantry outside of our buiding after we moved in 2016 as a small yet practical attempt to help our neighbors meet immediate and practical needs.  Now, we have developed a partnership wtih the Northwest Arkasnas Food Bank and the Arkansas Baptist State Convention which help us to keep the Little Free Pantry supplied and stocked regularly.  If you would like more information about the Little Free Pantry initiative, or how you can build a Little Free Pantry in your neighborhood, check out their website at  If you would like more information about our Little Free Pantry, when it is stocked, how it is funded, or how you can donate specifically to this ministry, please email us at

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