The Church is not primarily a place. It’s a people joined together by the gospel that live life together, encourage one another to be more like Christ, and who are on mission to serve and love the city. At The Hill Church, we believe this is best fleshed out in community. It’s the heart of our church.


Foothills is our Children's ministry, and is carefully planned out and prayed over each week. At Foothills, your children will be taught age appropriate lessons that connect to one of the 5 foundational truths we want our children to know:

  1. God made everything
  2. God is in charge of everything
  3. God is good
  4. Jesus came to save sinners
  5. God wants a relationship with us.

Infants - 18 months will go to our nursery where they will be watched over and prayed over by our children’s ministry volunteers.  We have a 2:1 ratio of 2 children for every 1 volunteer.  A space for mothers to nurse newborns or change diapers is available behind the sanctuary to allow for privacy, while still allowing new parents to engage in worship and hear the preaching of the Word. Ask any of our volunteers to point you toward this room on Sunday morning. 

Children from 18 months - 4th Grade will be engaged with age appropriate material that will prayerfully help stir their affections for the Lord and His Word from a young age.  Their time will start with a song/activity, a lesson in the form of a story along with open and engaging discussions with our wonderful volunteers, a snack, and then a craft or fun activity that relates back to the lesson.
We desire to partner with parents to push their children to truth and understanding of the Gospel. In order to do that effectively, we will provide parents with an overview of the topics discussed in Foothills, along with discussion questions that will foster open conversations between parents and children about what they’re learning about on Sunday Mornings.

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