Transformative Joy

by Andrew Munneke

The Gospel is the story of how God is restoring broken people and creation into His image and His design. That story is still unfolding around us and in us, as we live in this tension of being declared Holy in Christ, yet our flesh still rages war within us. In this sermon series we will explore how a Christ-centered and Gospel saturated approach to our sin struggles that attacks the roots of our behavior, is the only way we can truly be transformed into the image of Christ and have true victory over sin.

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    Over the past eleven years I’ve had the opportunity to be a Pastor with the specific task of building, cultivating,…

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  • Latest Sermon

    Advent 2018: Joy

    The King has come, and He will come again. This is the hope and eager expectation of Advent, a Latin word which means “coming”…


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