The Hill Church Podcast

by Andrew Munneke

As much as you travel throughout the course of the summer, we hope you can continue to feel connected to and encouraged by the teachers at The Hill, and their desire to know and make known the word of God.  Check out our page on iTunes to listen to some of our old or currrent sermons! We try to get them posted early in each week so that those of you who can't join us on a Sunday morning can listen to the elders at The Hill as they lead us through scripture and proclaim the Gospel each week.  

  • Highlights from Gospel Communities

    Over the past eleven years I’ve had the opportunity to be a Pastor with the specific task of building, cultivating,…

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  • Latest Sermon

    Advent 2018: Joy

    The King has come, and He will come again. This is the hope and eager expectation of Advent, a Latin word which means “coming”…


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