Summer Internship Application

by Andrew Munneke

The Hill Church Internship program exists to prepare young men and women for a lifetime of service to Jesus and His church. This happens as interns leverage their gifts to serve The Hill Church's mission, read and reflect on thought-provoking Christian literature and actively engage with a spiritual mentor.

Summer Interns can expect to:

  1. Grow in Self Awareness and how God has unqiuely gifted and wired them.
  2. Learn ministry skills that will aid them in lifetime of vocational and/or avocational ministry.
  3. Grow in Gospel Fluency and Theological/Biblical Knowledge from a Missional Perspective
  4. Leadership Developement
  5. Have Fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the dates for the internship? The internship will start on Sunday, June 3rd and will end on Sunday, August 5th.

2. How much does it cost? Besides the cost of a few books, the internship is free!

3. Will I get paid? Unfortunately this is an unpaid internship and we highly encourage each person to get a part-time job. We can help you in finding a part-time job if you have difficulty obtaining one.

4. How many hours a week will I be at the church? Each interns schedule will differ depending on the area of ministry they are serving. However the expectation will be Sunday mornings and classroom on Tuesday mornings. In total each intern will be expected to work 15 hours a week. 

To apply please fill out the application HERE

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