Service Times and Information

by Andrew Munneke

Thank you for stopping by.  We are glad that you are interested in The Hill Church and we hope that you can come and worship with us at one of our Gathering Services soon.  




115 S. Willow Ave Fayetteville, AR 72701

What Kind of People Attend The Hill Church?

At The Hill, we hope to be a diverse people of different ages, ethnicities, socio-economic backgrounds, professions, and people from Northwest Arkansas.  We also hope that we are equally diverse with people who have been in church their whole lives and those who are exploring Christianity for the first time.  You will find quickly though that we are an imperfect people with a perfect savior who are continually and gradually being transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Whether if you have been a Christian for awhile or wrestling with doubt and skepticism concerning Christianity, you are welcome at The Hill Church.

What Should I Expect When I Come on Sunday?

When you come to the Hill Church you will find a relaxed and laid back atmosphere, yet fully focused on connecting with and worshiping the one true God.  There is nothing flashy about our worship service, because we do not believe you need a big production in order to worship God.  At The Hill, we model our worship services after how the early Church ordererd their gatherings: we start with a general greeting and a call to worship; then we will hear the text from that morning read aloud followed by the preaching of the word of God;  then we respond to the preaching of the gospel by remembering it with communion and through authentic, heartfelt, and thankful worship. We strive to make our worship gatherings fresh for those who have gone to church for a long time, yet acccesible to those who are checking out Christianity for the first time.  

Where Should I Park?

We recommend that you arrive at The Hill 20 minutes before our service times begin so that you can find an appropiate place to park and find a seat.  Parking can be tricky but its best to drive up Rock St and look to your left for our Parking Team to escort you and show you where to park. 

What About My Children?

If you have children from infant - 4th grade, we encourage you to drop them off at our children's ministry area called Foothills.  At Foothills, your children will be taught age appropiate lessons that connect to one of our 5 foundational truths we want our children to know (1. God Made Everything, 2. God is in Charge of Everything, 3. God is Good, 4. Jesus Came to Save Sinners, 5. God Wants a Relationship with Us.)  

Infants - 18 months: These children go to our nursery where they will be watched over and prayed over by our children ministry volunteers.  We have a 2:1 ratio of 2 children for every 1 volunteer.  Mothers are also welcome to breastfeed and change diapers in this room as well.

18 months - 4th Grade: Our current curriculum consists of going through "The Jesus Storybook Bible" where your kids will be taught through the overarching story of Scripture.  Their time will start with a song/activity, a lesson in the form of a story, a snack, then a craft that relates back to the lesson.