Highlights from Gospel Communities

by Andrew Munneke

Over the past eleven years I’ve had the opportunity to be a Pastor with the specific task of building, cultivating, and implementing communities formed around the gospel of Jesus. There have been lots of good times and lessons learned, but also some not-so-great things (usually poor decisions or planning on my part!). But, I can honestly say these last few years - leading the Gospel Communities at The Hill - have been so incredibly amazing. At The Hill, we want to be a people who enjoy and extend the gospel in all that we do. So, creating natural rhythms within Gospel Community life that correspond with that enjoying and extending has been a great joy of mine. And, you all did it! You took hold of the vision and ran with it… totally outdoing what I had dreamed up and making the rhythmic model of Gospel Communities better than expected. So, I want to thank you - from the Gospel Community leaders who weekly pour time, care, and emotion into leading their groups well, to the Padawans who are being groomed to one day lead their own Gospel Communities, to all of you who consistently make community a priority by being an integral part of your particular group. You all have be living evidences of the goodness of Jesus and His gospel played out for all to see. We love you all and are incredibly proud of you!

-Donovan Golden