Highlights from Gospel Communities

by Andrew Munneke

Our Gospel Community Group mostly consist of young professionals. These powerhouse people stretch from the U of A campus to Springdale,  and Cave Springs to Bentonville. In our GCG we have a student and a teacher, an accountant, a software designer, a banker, a physical therapist and occupational therapist, several women crushing it in corporate business, and the list goes on. I have never been surrounded by a group of people that cares so consistently and is so committed to loving each other well.

Last summer Andrew talked about what a crucial season our church was in for so many college students. I can personally attest that my years between 18-22 were incredibly sculpting. He talked about how we, as a church, have the unique opportunity to be nationwide and even global influencers for the Kingdom as we share our passion for Christ and then send out students from Fayetteville. So, after watching the cycles of our GCG and seeing the hearts and lives of the people within it, there seemed to be a perfect fit for our OUT Night ministry …  doing what we do best! Caring for, nurturing, and showing Christ’s love to others by volunteering as Mentors within the bigger Hill community. We are choosing to intentionally use our skills and life experiences for Kingdom influence.

As we started piloting the concept of “mentoring” within the Hill, we ran into the difference of mentoring vs discipleship. I believe the honest answer though is that we want to do both! Mentorship involves meeting a younger believer where they are at in life and taking them a little further down the road in following Christ, taking the truth they are learning at the Hill/GCG/personal time with Christ and applying it to everyday life. Discipleship is the ultimate gut check for the Mentor though, are we replicating ourselves (mentoring someone on how to become us) or are we expanding an army of Disciples for Jesus (displaying the Christ in us as what the Mentee should desire to imitate)?

Whether it has been meeting to discuss a book of the bible, read through a devotional, confronting sin, or discussing the joys and struggles of following Christ – I believe that connecting with different ages across our church body has given both the Mentee and the Mentor a fuller picture of who The Hill Church is and who we are called to be as believers. The process of discipleship is alive, conforming both the mentee and the mentor into the image of Christ. I am zealous to see the impact on NWA when the people I love and Christ partner in prioritizing share truth and time with each other.

-Molly Parsons