Highlights from Gospel Communities

by Andrew Munneke

Since the beginning of the Church in Acts 2, communities of believers centered around Jesus have been the primary way of living out the gospel. In the early days of the Church, this was done for necessities sake – large buildings weren’t the norm so churches met in homes. But, as Jesus has continued to save sinners, and culture has continued to change – most churches meet at a centralized location, have their own names, and unique visions for how to live out the teaching of God in their contexts.

With this shift, the concept of what we call Gospel Communities has become incredibly important to Christian community. The larger a local body of believers grows, the need for smaller groups of those same believers grows as well.


Because our hearts are deceitful (Jer. 17:9) and without having loving, gracious, and trusted voices of other believers consistently speaking the truth of the gospel into our lives, our hearts are at risk of loving our sin more than our Savior.

So, our vision for Gospel Communities at The Hill is to have Gospel Communities throughout Fayetteville (and other cities in NWA) filled with people striving to enjoy and extend the gospel of Jesus… together. These Gospel Communities live out spiritual disciplines in a monthly rhythm of Up Nights, In Nights, and Out Nights.

These rhythms guide us to focus on God (Up Nights), build gospel-centered community (In Nights), and serve others (Out Nights) – all of which are foundational to living out a well-balanced, spiritual disciplined, Christian life. And now, we’re excited to start sharing stories of what God is up to in our Gospel Communities. On a frequent basis, different Gospel Community leaders and members will be writing about their experiences in their Gospel Communities.

It’s our hope that as you read these stories, you’ll be encouraged and excited that Jesus is moving and active among His people.