Foothills Feature

by Andrew Munneke

In Foothills, we are passionate about creating a safe and loving atmosphere where children can thrive and discover the Gospel. Each week, these smiling faces open their hearts to God as they learn to listen for his voice. As Team Members (volunteers), our biggest reward is witnessing the kiddos having fun, laughing, and growing in Jesus. The Children’s Ministry team looks forward to serving you and your children each week!

We are more powerful together! We believe that the two most influential environments for a child are the church and home. Let’s join forces and partner in the effort to share the Gospel of Restoration and Redemption.

We would like to invite you to explore if God has been calling you to serve in Foothills. The Hill Church is unique in the sense that it has a large population of college students. These students will be home for the summer. That’s where need arises for Team Members to rise up and serve in the Children’s Ministry!

If you would like to dive in and share the Gospel with the children of Foothills this summer, please email Meghan Golden at


-Meghan Golden



Team Member Highlight:

Hannah Cook

*Nicknames: At work I’m known as Nannerz or also as my instagram handle Hancooz
*From: Springdale, Arkansas
*Fun Fact: I just got a new dog, his name is Archie!

* Why do you like being a part of the Foothills Team? I love being apart of the Foothills team because I get to better know the families within the church and build relationships with the student volunteers.

*A story to share:
Something really awesome I have seen develop in Foothills is prayer for the nations. When it comes time to pray, all the kiddos are raising their hands to volunteer to pray. It has been a really cool to see this desire develop in the kids hearts!