Gospel Enneagram Conference

October 06, 2017

by Andrew Munneke

The Enneagram is an ancient personality tool geared towards spiritual formation that has received more awareness in Christian circles. If you have had little exposure to the Enneagram here is a brief overview. “Ennea” means nine and “gram” refers to something that’s written (which refers to a drawing that shows the nine personality types). It’s mainly built upon the seven deadly sins (+ 2 others sins). Most certainly, our ancient fathers would have used it with the Gospel as a tool to uproot idolatry and point people toward loving others with their God-given gift or virtue. Most assessments today, like the Myers-Briggs or DISC assume that individuals and their personalities don’t change. But the Enneagram is built off of the assumption that personalities grow from personal change (repentance).

So, when the Enneagram is rooted in the Gospel, it is arguably the best-personalized tool for you to grow in your dependence on the Gospel, eradicate your sins, and understand how you interact in your relationships when you are healthy and unhealthy.

If you attend this conference it will help you:

  • Find freedom from sin & self-defeating habits
  • Unleash your giftedness
  • Become your "true self"
  • Grow in Gospel fluency
  • Learn all the Enneagram types and how the Gospel uniquely speaks to each type

About our Guest Speaker John Fooshee:

John has started two businesses and two churches. He has coached over a hundred leaders, business leaders and people in a career transition. He received his training as a coach and mentor of other coaches from CoachNet in 2008. He has biblical studies degrees from Dallas Theological Seminary and King University. He has served in the Acts 29 Network since 2006 as a pastor, trainer of church planting coaches, Area Lead to over thirty church plants in five U.S. states and coached church planters in three countries.

He has been married to Lindsay for twenty-two years and has four kids. He resides in Raleigh, NC.

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