Highlights from Gospel Communities

by Andrew Munneke

Before we began attending The Hill Church it had been difficult for us to find a gospel
community group where we felt welcome or connected. This was due to a multitude of reasons
but mostly because, as is often the case, members who joined at the onset of a group have a
tight bond and joining in the middle can prove challenging. Because of this, we were anxious
about visiting/joining a group. All of those concerns and fears were quickly allayed when we
began the Golden’s Wednesday night group in January 2016. We were met with nothing but
kindness and it was easy to see God working in the group. It was inspiring and convicting to see
such mature and authentic people living out the gospel in their daily lives. We quickly
developed deep and close relationships with the members and knew that we had people who
loved and cared for us and our children.
It was that strong sense of comradery and solace that caused great emotion when it was
mentioned that our group might split in December 2016. Our hearts hurt at the idea of our
spiritual refuge changing in any capacity, and there were definitely tears. Thus, it was very
surprising when we felt God calling us to lead our own Gospel Community Group. We
experienced many emotions and had many questions. Are we good enough? Who are we to
lead others? Can we guide a group to become as good as our current group? Will anyone want
to come? What if we fail? All of these and more ran through our mind, yet we still felt God
pushing us forward. No one was more shocked than Donovan, when we told him of the urging
we felt to lead a gospel community group. Deuteronomy 31:6 says to “not fear or dread for it is
the Lord your God who goes with you. He will not leave or forsake you.” As we moved forward,
we felt this play out as the pieces easily came together and our questions were answered.
We are now 8 months in and feel blessed by God. We were fortunate to bring some of our
previous group members as co-leaders. They have been such a gift as they were instrumental in
the transition process and have helped carry the load of weekly meetings. In addition, the
other members who started this group with us have continued to attend. It has been incredible
to watch everyone grow in love and knowledge of each other and the Lord. Other than us
geriatrics, most of our group is college age, with all the attendant workload and crazy
schedules. But that has not stopped them from taking time to go out and show Christ’s love to
those in the community. We could not be prouder of their love and grace for others. We look
forward to seeing what the future brings.

- Amanda Benafield

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Asking for a Friend Pt. 2

by Andrew Munneke

We all have questions. Some are controversial, and some of them are silly, but its good to wrestle with aspects of our faith and belief. In this series, we want to bring our questions and doubts into the light of Scripture and the gospel.

Foothills Feature

by Andrew Munneke

In Foothills, we are passionate about creating a safe and loving atmosphere where children can thrive and discover the Gospel. Each week, these smiling faces open their hearts to God as they learn to listen for his voice. As Team Members (volunteers), our biggest reward is witnessing the kiddos having fun, laughing, and growing in Jesus. The Children’s Ministry team looks forward to serving you and your children each week!

We are more powerful together! We believe that the two most influential environments for a child are the church and home. Let’s join forces and partner in the effort to share the Gospel of Restoration and Redemption.

We would like to invite you to explore if God has been calling you to serve in Foothills. The Hill Church is unique in the sense that it has a large population of college students. These students will be home for the summer. That’s where need arises for Team Members to rise up and serve in the Children’s Ministry!

If you would like to dive in and share the Gospel with the children of Foothills this summer, please email Meghan Golden at mgolden@thehillchurch.net


-Meghan Golden



Team Member Highlight:

Hannah Cook

*Nicknames: At work I’m known as Nannerz or also as my instagram handle Hancooz
*From: Springdale, Arkansas
*Fun Fact: I just got a new dog, his name is Archie!

* Why do you like being a part of the Foothills Team? I love being apart of the Foothills team because I get to better know the families within the church and build relationships with the student volunteers.

*A story to share:
Something really awesome I have seen develop in Foothills is prayer for the nations. When it comes time to pray, all the kiddos are raising their hands to volunteer to pray. It has been a really cool to see this desire develop in the kids hearts!