Missional Spirituality

by Andrew Munneke

Missional Spirituality is a life of rhythm. It's a life with for God through worship, solitude, Scripture and prayer. But it's also a life lived for the goodness and flourishing of others. And the most prominent method that Jesus used to seek and save the Lost was through Table Fellowship and "eating and drinking." What would the church look like if we recaptured this ancient way of disciple making?

Family Service: Deuteronomy 6:4-5 - If You Have Ears…

by Andrew Munneke

Faith comes from hearing and faithful living starts with obeying God's word. In short, your whole Christian life starts with a simple step: listening. So, if you have ears, you should listen to what He has to say...

Video from The Bible Project: https://thebibleproject.com/explore/shema-listen/

Family Hang Out - Volleyball

July 28, 2019

by Andrew Munneke

Mark your calendars - The Hill is hitting the sand! Join us at Veteran's Memorial Park for sand volleyball on Sunday July 28th from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM.

Better Together: Serious Grace - Hebrews 12:14-28

by Andrew Munneke

It is easy to become apathetic about grace. It is easy to think that our small sins don't cost that much. But Christians are called to something simultaneously better, preferable, and more serious than a lukewarm faith.

Better Together: When God Feels Silent - Hebrews 12: 3-13

by Andrew Munneke

What does walking in the way of Jesus look like when your experience of God feels more like inexperience? What if we told you that God is not absent and that He has you exactly where he wants you to be? In this sermon, we look at the part of our spiritual journey that all of us go through, but that we rarely talk about. An experience that has been known as “The Dark Night of the Soul”.